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2010 Poetry Anthology


Savant Books and Publications is seeking outstanding poems for inclusion in a 2010 Poetry Anthology tentatively scheduled for publication in mid to late 2010. This call will remain open until filled. There are no subject or style restrictions except as stated below.

Unlike most Savant Books and Publications, this anthology is NOT a royalty-paying publication.

Author's may submit up to five (5) poems of up to 100 lines each. There is no submission fee.

Authors may purchase copies of the anthology at a discounted author price of $9 per copy plus postage (may be less depending on size and number of poems) for signing and/or resale wherever and at whatever price he/she chooses. All such discounted purchases must be made from the selected imprinter's website.

The published anthology will released to the public on and from the imprinter's website at a set retail price (usually $19.95 or less depending on size and number of poems). The anthology, at the publisher's discretion, may also be made available in electronic format from Kindle or other electronic book sellers, via bookstore distribution network(s) and/or at bookstores at appropriate prices.

All decisions by the Anthology editor are final.

By submitting a Poem Submission Package, authors agree to all of the above conditions


Acceptable Method
For each poem, you must submit a completed email Poem Submission Package. Do not send more than one poem with each email.

Acceptable General Form
Poems must be submitted in electronic format in either Microsoft Word (.doc), Open Office (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Acceptable Internal Format
All poems must be submitted in the following internal format:

  1. one-inch margins at top, bottom and sides
  2. black, regular, 12-point, Times New Roman font with only the following embellishments allowed:
  3. left-justified only (do NOT left AND RIGHT justify)
  4. all double-spaced
  5. one hard return at the end of each line
  6. indicate pages if more than one (e.g. JANIK - PAGE 2 OF 3) at the top of each page
NO OTHER EMBELLISHMENTS are allowed. Poems not adhering to acceptable form and format above will be automatically rejected.

Additional Information
Once the poem is in the proper form and format, compose a Letter of Introduction that includes ALL of the following (you may copy this into the body of your email and add the answers):

  1. Poem Title:
  2. Subtitle or Byline:
  3. Author's pen name for this poem, if any:
  4. Author's actual, full, legal name:
  5. Author's complete mailing address:
  6. Author contact phone number:
  7. Author FAX number (if one is available):
  8. Author email contact address:
  9. Synopsis, forward or explanation (25 words maximum; not required):
  10. Dedication, if any (25 words maximum; not required):
  11. Author Biography (50 words maximum):
  12. List of all places this work was published (include proper MLA citation and if published on the internet, all internet links; if unpublished type in "unpublished"):
  13. The following statement: "I submit this poem for publication in the Savant 2010 Anthology. By submitting this email, I certify that (1) I agree with the terms and conditions as specified at; (2) this poem is my own original work; and (3) I certify that I alone own clear, complete and total rights to the work."

If submitting two (2) to five (5) poems, make sure each is accompanied by the above Letter of Introduction.

  1. create an email to
  2. In the "Subject" line, type in your LAST NAME followed by "2010 POEM" all in capital letters (e.g. "SMITH 2010 POEM")
  3. copy and paste your Letter of Introduction into the body of the email making sure all questions are answered completely
  4. attach the correctly formed and formatted poem to the email
  5. check once more to make sure you have included all necessary information, then send it

Savant Books and Publications (SBP) will acknowledge receipt of your PSP via email within 2 weeks. If you have a firewall or spam blocker be sure to add "" to your "accept" list. If you haven't received acknowledgment of receipt within 2 weeks, please resend again.

SBP allows you to submit your poem to other publishers; however, a poem accepted for the anthology can not appear in any other publications until one (1) month AFTER the Savant anthology is released. Sorry, submitted materials will not be returned. Materials not accepted for publication will be destroyed.

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