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Unlock the Genius Within:
Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching and Transformational Learning
Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2005
180pp. Fully indexed. $US 33.95 + shipping (paperback). ISBN 1-57886-291-4

2007 Eric Hoffer Award
2007 Neurobiological Learning Society Choice Award

The hotly-anticipated sequel to A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition

What reviewers are saying:

“The standards and assessment programs that currently dominate educational policy and practice are predicated on the technological belief that it's possible to quantify and assess the central elements of learning...[Janik’s book] seek[s] transformative solutions from within a realistically finite biology rather than a supposedly infinite technology...Thoughtprovoking reading for 21st century educators.” —Dr. Robert Sylwester, Prof Emeritus Education University of Oregon, author of A Celebration of Neurons, A Biological Brain in a Cultural Classroom, and How to Explain a Brain - An Educator's Handbook of Brain Terms and Cognitive Processes

"Readable, very informative. . . . The concepts put forth are applicable to today's students and their unique needs. . . . This book is a tool that will take them beyond trying to actually succeeding. As I read, I was conscious of an overwhelming feeling of 'I wish I had known that.' I can see this book revolutionizing education as we know it." —Judith M. Ireton, MEd., Anchorage School District, Anchorage Alaska (retired)

"Informative, educative, stimulating, and fun to read. . . . Recent scientific findings are introduced and explained in a language that I think is fairly accessible . . . especially fascinating and helpful to someone like myself, a language teacher who teaches language and at the same time studies it academically." —Yoichiro Hasebe, Language and Communication Department, Tokushima Bunri University, Japan

"A welcome addition to current work on . . . effective learning. After his academic book, A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition , [Janik] now presents us with a text stripped of the medical, biological, linguistic, and educational jargon, highlighting the most compelling and important contemporary contributions to neurobiological learning . . . [and] its derivative, transformational learning." —Sofija Micic, PhD, Associate Professor of English, University of Belgrade School of Medicine, Yugoslavia

“...exciting...tantalizing...frustrating...extrapolation from trauma cases with their negative learning triggers and associations through brain imaging with its views of learning and from traditional education to the application of NL/TL in ESL are fascinating and worth discussion.” —Richard Malinski, Diector of Distance and Continuing Education, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada

"To an informed language specialist, this book gives a lot to digest, a lot to enjoy, a lot to wonder about. Combining his expertise in medicine and in education, [Dan Janik] has pushed language education theory and practice a quantum leap ahead. . . . To an SLA researcher and an FL educationalist, this fine and exquisite book tells a different story: something that has not yet been touched upon in the research literature. Simply, this book is thought-provoking, eye-opening, and immensely immersive. I will personally recommend it to all my language colleagues and to our future student teachers." —Dr. Seppo Tella, Professor of Foreign Language Education, Director of the Research Center for Foreign Language Education, and former Director of the Media Education Center, Department of Applied Sciences of Education, University of Helsinki, Finland

"[A] topic of extreme importance, yet there is no proper coverage of the subject in the open literature. . . . The parts of the book related to neurobiological learning are especially strong. The questions asked in that part are the crucial ones, and they open many new avenues for research. . . . I personally will use this book in my graduate teaching." —V. Milutinovic, PhD, School of Electrical Engineering University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, coeditor of Neural Networks (1991), a four-volume book introduced by Nobel Laureate L. Cooper

Table of Contents:
Preface - Chance Encounters
Chapter One - Yet Another Teaching Theory
Chapter Two - It All Starts with Traumatic Learning
Chapter Three - Make Up Your Mind
Chapter Four - Higher Learning
Chapter Five - What Our Bodies Tell Us
Chapter Six - What Machines Say About Us
Chapter Seven - The Neurobiological Way
Chapter Eight – Neurobiological Learning
Chapter Nine - A Great Theory...How’s It Working?
Chapter Ten - A Personal Invitation
Recommended Readings Cited

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