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Sourdough Scott's


$12.95 Softcover 64 pp fully-illustrated ISBN 987-1-59433-031-5
Published by Publication Consultants, Anchorage, Alaska, 2005

Three of the most enjoyable, contemporary Alaskan fairy tales you've ever read!

Shake off the snow, hang up your parka and mukluks, pull out this book and snuggle into bed up with someone you love as the winter howls all around...fresh, endearing, heartwarming, affirmative tales told with a lot of respect and just a twist of humor...destined to become a family favorite. Written by physician-educator-linguist Daniel S. "Sourdough Scott" Janik. Illustrated by Patricia Kilson, author and illustrator of Song of the Raven. With a forward by Native Alaskan Joseph 'Ted' Ireton.

Even the toughest literary critics are saying:

"Great tales...pure fun! Trust me - I know this guy!" - Ruth Janik (Sourdough Scott's mother)

Forward by Ted Ireton (Sourdough Scott's lifelong, boyhood friend)
1. The Three Bears (I bet you never heard this verson before!)
2. Wolf and Moon (A gripping tale of longing, wonder and love)
3. Otter Girl (The ultimate prince and - otter did you say? - story)

Also available directly from the publisher Publication Consultants at and select bookstores throughout the world.

Slucing for gold, which I found it in these tales of the Far North. I hope you will, too!

I can autograph and/or dedicate the book you've purchased by distance FREE OF CHARGE: Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with EXACTLY what you would like me to say to - Sourdough Scott, 2630 Kapiolani Blvd #1601, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96826 USA - and I will mail you a personally autographed and/or dedicated stickly label to apply to the inside front cover of your book.

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