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"Clean Water, Common Ground"

"Clean Water, Common Ground" (DVD, National Film Network) - A penetrating look at Hawaii's struggles to address water quality issues in "paradise," Clean Water, Common Ground contends that the responsibility of maintaining good conservation paractice is upon each one of us. We must recognize the dramatic role water has in shaping our environment, and how it affects different species of animals and fish in the ocean. If we address the chief threats to our environment and determine the measures needed to tacke those threats head-on, we may be able to preserve both water and land for many generations to come. But we must act now! (27-minute, made-for-TV documentary plus extra 27-minute studio discussion). WINNER OF TWO TELLY AWARDS [Silver Award for Wildlife/Nature Documentary and Bronze Award for Documentary).

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A2. Meet Apoha the O'opu and Friends

BEFORE viewing the feature, "Clean Water, Common Ground:"
1. Make a list of animals that live in the streams, rivers, bays or oceans in your area. Which are your favorites? Why?

2. Now make a list of animals that you think might live in Hawaii's streams, rivers, bays or ocean. What animals did you list? Which are your favorites? Did you list the o'opu fish?

3. OK, it's time to meet some of Hawaii's watery friends in person, so first, let me introduce you to Hawaii's Ambassador of CLEAN Water: Apoha the O'opu. What's an o'opu you ask? Click here to find out!

Apoha the O'opu is quite a star in Hawaii! Did you know that Apoha the O'opu appears on many of Hawaii's sidewalks, has a poster, song, coloring book and even video?
a. See Apoha the O'opu on the sidewalks storm drains of Hawaii.
b. See and print out the Apoha the O'opu poster to color!
c. Download the Apoha the O'opu coloring book.
d. Play and sing the Apoha the O'opu song:

Apoha the O'opu Song

Glub-glub! Glub-glub!
Apoha the O'opu is such a happy fish.
Apoha the O'opu is such a bubbly fish!
Swimming in the rivers, swimming in the streams,
Eating limu off the rocks, bugs and other things.

Glub-Glub! Glub-Glub!
Apoha the O'opu is swimming in the stream.
Apoha the O'opu, how has the water been?
Is it safe and clean, like it used to be?
Or do you have to gasp for air and dodge all the debris?
That's bugspray, opala, fertilizer, mud, pilau.

Apoha the O'opu - we'll help take care of you!
Apoha the O'opu - here's what we can do:
We'll clean up all the streams, and Let fresh water flow.
Together we can save your home, where happy bubbles blow!

Glub-Glub! Glub-Glub! Glub - Glub - Glub!

e. Get a copy of Apoha the O'opu movie (9 minutes, Hawaii Department of Environmental Conservation). NOTE: Apoha the O'opu theme, song and learning resources are a joint development of the Hawaii State Department of Environmental Conservation, Kaiaka-Waialua Hydrologic Unit Area Project and Leon and Malia Productions for Children (Keiki Calabash).

4. Now that you know some of the animals that live in Hawaii's streams, rivers, bays and oceans, watch the feature, "Clean Water, Common Ground." What is everyone concerned about? Why is clean water so important?


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