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NLS 2009 Choice and Top Choice Awards
c/o Intercultural Communications College
1601 Kapiolani Blvd #1000
Honolulu, HI 96814 USA


The Neurobiological Learning Society (NLS) is proud to announce the 2009 Choice and Top Choice Awards Contest for outstanding books, articles and enduring public education media addressing any aspect of neurobiologically-based learning, but especially, neurobiologically-based transformative learning works. Submitted works may be published or unpublished.

NLS is a private, incorporated, state and federally-recognized non-profit, membership-based educational society dedicated to fostering the theory, methodology, ideals and concepts of neurobiologically-based, transformative learning and instruction throughout the world.

and/or publishers of books, articles and enduring public education media addressing any aspect of neurobiologically-based learning, but especially, neurobiologically-based transformative learning worksare invited to submit entries between 1 January and 31 December 2008 for consideration for an NLS Choice Award. All entries awarded an NLS Choice Award will automatically be considered for the NLS TOP Choice Award. All works must pertain to the neurobiology of learning, neurobiologically-based learning or neurobiologically-based transformative learning. Original, unpublished works as well as published works with a publication date within 5 years of the contest closure date will be considered. Works that have already received an NLS Choice and/or Top Choice Award are not eligible.

Specific Awards and Categories:
NLS will award up to 30 total "NLS Choice" awards, with up to 10 awards in each of the following three categories:

(1) book, unpublished or published (see above for acceptable publication dates for published works);
(2) scholarly articles, unpublished or published (see above for acceptable publication dates for published works); and
(3) enduring public education media, unpublished or published (See above for acceptable publication dates for published works).

In addition, NLS will select ONE work over all to receive the "NLS Top Choice Award" with a $US 100 monetary prize.

Language of Record:
The full informational content of the work must be in English; however, multi-lingual works that include an English version will be favored.

All entries must be received by midnight 31 Dec 2008 to be eligible for an award.

Submission Requirements:
All submissions must include (you may copy and paste into wordprocessor or email):

1. submitter's name:
2. submitter's email address:
3. author's name:
4. mailing address:
5. phone number including area code:
6. FAX number:
7. email address;
8. name of work:
9. category (see above):
10. a $US 10 (current NLS member) or $25 (non-member, professional or student) reading fee;
11. a fifty (50) word or less description of the work:
12. the following DATED release statement: "Sender verifies that the author or publisher is authorized to and grants the Neurobiological Learning Association permission to use the submitted information on its website, in press releases, public service announcements or other media announcements." Date:

PUBLISHED WORKS must also include the following additional information:
13. publisher's name:
14. publisher's mailing address:
15. publisher's email address:

Accepted method(s) of Submission: Entries may be submitted via email or mail as follows:
Email Submissions: Entries less than 25 printed pages in length may be submitted via email as a Word (.doc), Appleworks (.cwk), rich text format (.rtf), text (.txt) or Adobe (.pdf) attachment file. Send all email submissions to: with the following subject line: NLS AWARD.

Postal (Mail) Submissions: Any entries including ALL entried 25 or more printed pages in length may be submitted via postal mail with a printed copy of the work enclosed. Mail to NLS AWARD-D. JANIK, c/o Intercultural Communications College, 1601 Kapiolani Blvd #1000, Honolulu, HI 96814 USA. NLS recommends US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation with the USA, and Airmail letter post outside of the USA.

Submissions that do not meet ALL of the above requirements will be disqualified and discarded. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How will I know that NLS has received my work? NLS will email the submitter as soon as the work is received and the payment clears (in the case of a check). If you want written confirmation that your work was received, you must include a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope for submissions within the USA) or IRC (International Reply Coupon for submissions outside of USA) along with your MAILED submission.

2. Does author retain copyright for submitted works? Most assuredly, yes!

3. Who will judge submissions and how will they do it? We are currently defining a standardized judging form for all works. Your work will be reviewed by at least two NLS judges. The average of the two scores will become the final score. If, however, there is a score discrepancy of over 25% between the two judges, a third judge will be employed and the average of the three scores will become the final score. Works will be judged for topic appropriateness, topic importance, originality, clarity, completeness, conciseness and quality of presentation in that order. Judges can not be the author(s) or prior, pre-publication reviewers of the submitted work.

3. How will NLS announce winners? Winners will be sent an email requesting a thumbnail image in .jpg, .tiff or .gif format which will be posted on the NLS website along with information on the work about 2 months after the deadline. NLS may also request that the submitter provide a link to ONE site where the work may be purchased or is featured further. While NLS may, at its discretion, further mention winning works in press releases, public service announcments, and any other media announcements NLS deems appropriate, the only official notification of winners will be on the website as specified above. NOTE: NLS, at its discretion, reserves the right to extend the published deadline one time for up to three additional months.

4. Will NLS return submitted materials? No. All submissions become property of the Neurobiological Learning Society and may be selected to become part of the NLS membership library. NLS will offer all other published books to the State of Hawaii Library System.

5. How long will it take to know if my submission will receive an award? A list of winning works will first appear on the NLS website ( in an "NLS Library" section, and later on the Neurobiological Learning Resources website ( along with an "NLS Choice" or "NLS TOP CHOICE" designation. NLS may also list non-winning works of interest.

6. What forms of payment are accepted? Email submissions require PayPal ( payment. PayPal is an internationally-recognized form of email-based payment. Other forms of payment (personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks or cash) should be sent by post (mail) along with the submission. Make all checks payable to "Neurobiological Learning Society." All payments must be in $US. NLS can not be responsible for loss of goods or fees sent by post (mail). Checks with insufficient funds will cause the submission to be eliminated from awards. NLS can not return submissions, even if removed from the award competition.

7. Are there any other required fees or charges? No. However, for an additional $US 25, NLS can provide a digital copy of any written comments by contest readers which the author may use for publication and promotional purposes. We are currently looking into providing "at cost" 1" opaque, gold, embossed and/or "see through" clear, embossed seals to place on the cover of awarded works.

8. Are photocopies of printed works accepted? In general, no. For published or unpublished public education or multi-media works, we require a complete copy of the work as it is or will be distributed to others. For works less than 25 pages, we prefer printable, digital files in Adobe.pdf format (see "email submissions" above for other acceptable formats). For published, printed works of 25 or more pages, please send a published or, if unpublished, a clear, printed copy.

9. Will NLS publish, sell or distribute submitted works? We hope these awards will stimulate interest in a future society journal and bookstore, but, no, NLS will not publish, sell or distribute any submitted works. NLS may, however, publicize, provide a purchase link, and/or otherwise acknowledge awarded works (see FAQ #5 for details).

10. I still have questions - who should I contact? Email (preferred) (subject line: NLS AWARDS INFO) or write NLS AWARDS INFO - JANIK, c/o Intercultural Communications College, 1601 Kapiolani Blvd #1000, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA. Be sure to include a SASE or IRC with postal (mail) inquiries.
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