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"Clean Water, Common Ground"

"Clean Water, Common Ground" (DVD, National Film Network) - A penetrating look at Hawaii's struggles to address water quality issues in "paradise," Clean Water, Common Ground contends that the responsibility of maintaining good conservation paractice is upon each one of us. We must recognize the dramatic role water has in shaping our environment, and how it affects different species of animals and fish in the ocean. If we address the chief threats to our environment and determine the measures needed to tacke those threats head-on, we may be able to preserve both water and land for many generations to come. But we must act now! (27-minute, made-for-TV documentary plus extra 27-minute studio discussion). WINNER OF TWO TELLY AWARDS [Silver Award for Wildlife/Nature Documentary and Bronze Award for Documentary).

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After viewing BOTH the feature, "Clean Water, Common Ground" AND the Studio Discussion, make a list of things that you think impact water quality. When you're ready, click on the links below to explore whether local water quality issues are really just that, or whether they are part of something bigger - regional, city/county, state, national, international or even global water quality isses.

The members of the Kaiaka-Waialua Hydrologic Unit (KWHUA) Project described in the film, "Clean Water, Common Ground," often had to struggle with this issue: Just how big are Northshore Oahu's water quality issues? Who are causing the problems? Who should be responsible for mitigating them and restoring the environment? What exactly does "restoration" mean - back to the way things were before...what? Humans? Dinosaurs? Exactly how much restoration is necessary in order to reverse what seems to a set of common emerging problems everywhere humans live?

Take a look at the trailer to Mr. Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" - better yet, get a copy of the film and watch the whole work.

Now watch a "hot" new YouTube short, "Al Gore's Penguin Army".

Who's right? Is local water quality just that - a local issue - or is it part of something bigger? You decide, then post your individual or group ideas about this key topic on the Official "Clean Water, Common Ground" Blog. While you're blogging, take just a moment to also tell me your opinion about the value of "Clean Water, Common Ground," what parts you especially liked, and any suggestions as to how to make these learning resources better.


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