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Aloha from Coffee Island
by Walter Miyanari

Honolulu: Savant Books, October 2008.
6"x 9" Glossy Softcover. 108 pp. $US 21.95 + shipping.
Full Color with 13 color / 9 B&W photos. ISBN 0615183484 (EAN-13 9780615183480)

Synopsis: A primer on the most delicious drink in the work, coffee, from history to growing to roasting and serving. Includes a list and description of the world's main coffees, including a unique, made-in-America blend used exclusively by Cafe Brew in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Required reading for all Cafe Brew employees.

Available directly from the imprinter at Custom Books Publishing. Soon to be available at Cafe and on

Author Bio: Mr. Miyanari is a coffee barista and the owner of Cafe Brew in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He is continually striving for the perfect cup of coffee.

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