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The Neurobiological Learning Society (NLS)


2630 Kapiolani Blvd #1601
Honolulu, HI 96826 USA
Phone/FAX/mssg 808-941-3927

An incorporated, private, non-profit, membership-based educational society dedicated to fostering the theory, methodology, ideals and concepts of neurobiologically-based, non-traumatic learning and instruction throughout the world

During 2005, Society meetings will be held on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in the Nene Room at Intercultural Communications College, 1601 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 1000, Honolulu, HI 96814 USA (Diamond Head and Ocean side corner of Kapiolani Blvd and Keheka Street) as follows:

    2005 Schedule of Meetings

    1. January 10 - Yearly Officer Installation Meeting (first meeting of the calendar year - open to NL Society members only)

    2. February 7 - "The Brain and Language" with Dr. Daniel S. Janik MD PhD, American Academic English Programs Coordinator at Intercultural Communications College, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Argosy University Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Author of A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition (Lincom Europa, 2004), Dr. Janik summarizes his basic theory and methodology of neurobiological learning.

    3. March 7 - "The Anatomy of Learning" by Dr. Daniel S. Janik MD PhD, Intercultural Communications College (see above) - A lecture-discussion on neuroanatomical and neurobiological correlates of learning.

    4. April 4 - "Everything You've Wanted to Know About Neuroanatomy But Were Afraid to Ask" with Dr. Julie L. Rosenheimer PhD, Associate Professor of Anatomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa - an open question-answer-discussion group for educators about the human neuroanatomy that ultimately underpins learning.

    5. May 2 - "Functional MRI in Working Memory and Attention" with Dr. Linda Chang MD, Professor of Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine, formerly Chief Scientist at Brookhaven Laboratories, New York - a peek at how fMRI's are actually done, read, and interpreted; what can be gleaned regarding memory and attention; and the implications to our knowledge of effective learning.

    6. May 31 - "The Similarity between Human and Dolphin Language" by Argosy University graduate psychology and Intercultural Communications College (ICC) student Yoko Yamamoto followed immediately by a three-part lecture series: Part 1: "The Brain and Language" at ICC; Part 2: "The Idea that Changed the Brain" at Hawaii Tokai International College; Part 3: "The Relationship Between Self-Organization and Natural Selection" at Brigham Young University Hawaii, with Dr. Terrence Deacon PhD, Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley, USA, author of The Symbolic Species: The Coevolution of Language and the Brain. A stimulating exchange regarding the brain and the evolution of language based on his book and subsequent research.

    7. June 27 - A private viewing of "What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?" with discussion led by Margaret Bills, MA TESOL, Instructor, Intercultural Communications College. A fantastic visual and auditory voyage into the world of neurobiology..

    8. July 25 - Yearly Officers and Board of Directors Elections Meeting (first meeting after 1 July) including, for 2005 only, installation of 2005 officers and board members (open to NL Society members only). Followed immediately by first meeting of the 2005 Board of Directors yearly Board Officer Elections and installation.

    9. August 29 - "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a Tool for Human Neuroscience" with Dr. Edward P. Chronicle PhD, Associate Professor and Graduate Chair of the Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa - . A TMS researcher talks about how this newest brain stimulation technology is poised to rewrite what we know about how learning occurs within the human brain!

    10. September 19 - "Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching and Transformative Learning" with Dr. Daniel S. Janik MD PhD, American Academic English Programs Coordinator at Intercultural Communications College, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Argosy University Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Author of Unlock the Genius Within: Neurobiological Trauma, Teaching and Transformational Learning (Rowman and Littlefield, 2005), enjoy an explanation of and stimulating discussion on his theory, methodology and application of neurobiologically-based transformational learning as presented at the and at the 2005 IPSI meeting in Hilo, Hawaii. Also includes information from his recently published articles Neurobiological and Transformational Learning in the July 2005 issue of Transactions of Advanced Research, and Neurobiological, Transformative and Disquisitional Learning in the August 2005 issue of the Journal of the American Association of Integrative Medicine Online.

    11. October 17 - Business Meeting includes a continuing discussion of 501C(3) information for recognition as an private, non-profit educational society, election of a board of trustees and officers, and the 2006 speakers and membership drive.

    12. November 21/22 - "The Interactional Instinct: The Evolution and Acquisition of Language" with Dr. John Schumann EdD, Professor of Applied Linguistics and Chair of the Teaching English as a Second Language, Applied Linguists, and Interdepartmental PhD Program in Applied Linguistics at University of California at Los Angeles, author of The Neurobiology of Learning: Perspectives from Second Language Acquisition. A stimulating exchange regarding the coevolution of language and the human brain based on his most recent research.

    13. December 12 - "Applying Neurobiological and Transformative Learning in the Language Classroom" with Hisako Saito MA TESOL, Instructor, Intercultural Communications College, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. You've heard the theory, now come discuss its application in the classroom!

    Meetings are free to members and include (1) guaranteed, preferred seating, and (2) guaranteed seating at discussion and/or dinner with speaker after meeting (food and drinks at dinner discussions are at participants expense). Meetings are open to non-members at $5 per student* or $10 per non-student per meeting. Non-member seating is on a first come - first served basis as long as seating is available.
    *Student means full-time participant in approved associate, baccalauriate, masters or doctoral degree program at the time of the meeting. Students must show an acitive and valid student identification card.

    The Membership year is now from 1 January to 31 December.

    Membership categories and dues:

    • Professional (Regular) Member - $25 per year (full or part-time; 1 vote)
    • Student (non-voting) Member - $10 (see student definition above)
    • Life Member - $500 (one time; 1 vote)
    • Corporate Member - $1000 (one time) or $100 per year (includes membership for all corporate employees, a free advertisement and link below; 2 collective vote total)
    • Sustaining Member - $2500 (one time) OR $250 per year (2 votes)
    • Patron Member - $5000 (one time) OR $500 per year (3 votes)

    If you would like to serve on our Board of Directors please send us an email with SUBJECT stating "NLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS" and in the body of the email what specifically you would bring to the Society (Board of Director members may be Professional, Life, Corporate, Sustaining or Patron Members except that one Student member may serve on the Board of Directors during any year; Professional and/or Student members are given free membership during their actual vested service years).

    NEW - Non-Profit Status - NLS is now a registered, educational non-profit organization in the State of Hawaii. We are in the process of applying for federal IRS recognition as a 501(c)3.

    Election of Officers is by membership present or proxied at the first meeting following 1 July. Elected officers act as Officers-in-Training from 1 July to the first meeting after 1 January when they are invested to serve for 1 year (Officers must be Professional, Life, Corporate, Sustaining or Patron members; Professional Members are given free membership during their actual vested service years).

    We have opportunities for interested members to serve on a variety of committees - if interested, please send us an email with SUBJECT stating "COMMITTEE" and we will get back to you with a list of committees needing assistance (Committee membership is open to Professional, Student, Life, Corporate, Sustaining or Patron members).

    NL Certificate, Diplomate and Fellow recognition - TBD

    2005 Acting Officers (pending 25 July 2005 regular director and officer elections and investiture):
    Acting Director - Dan Janik
    Acting President and Secretary - Dan Janik
    Acting Treasurer - Maggie Bills

    2006 Board of Trustees
    D. Janik (MD Loma Linda Univ/PhD Bircham Intnl Univ) - Neurobiological/Trasformative Learning Author
    J. Weaver (MA TESL Univ Hawaii Manoa) - ESL Teaching and Language School Administration
    B. Compton (MA TESL So Illinois Univ/Master CELTA Cert Tutor) - International English
    C. Widjaja (MA Linguistics/MA TESL Univ Hawaii Manoa) - American Academic English Teaching
    S. Tsuchiya (LMT Hawaii Coll Hlth Sciences) - Massage/Kinesthetic Learning

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