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A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition - Lincom Studies in Neurobiology #1 (LSNB01). Munich: LINCOM EUROPA, 2003. 300 pp. 200+ references. Fully Indexed. The first in the NEW Lincom Series on Neurobiology and Learning. ISBN 3-89586-763-2.

Honolulu, Hawaii (PMN)CTY November 2004 (Page 4)

"I'm pleased to announce a 'new' learning theory that actually works, whether in the classroom, through tutoring or distance learning, in America, Poland and in space! Neurobiological Learning (NL) theory, the crowning result of over 20 years of clinical work, is now born," says Dr. Daniel S. Janik. Janik, a medical physician with a doctoral degree in education in linguistics, was born in Chicago and is of Polish descent.

Publisher Lincom Europa has just announced release of Dr. Janik's long awaited book, A Neurobiological Theory and Method of Language Acquisition (Munich: Lincom Europa, 2004). The first in a new Lincom Europa series on Neurobiological Learning, it contains his general learning theory and special theory of language acquisition. In it, Dr. Janik explains in detail the fundamental neurobiological learning processes beneath virtually all current teaching and learning theories. He proposes a new form of learning that, when applied in the classroom, has, according to Mr. Joel Weaver, Director of Intercultural Communications College in Honolulu, Hawaii, where 'Dr. Dan' currently teaches, has proven nothing less than astounding.

Weaver said, " Dr. Janik is an example of how we apply contemporary learning theory and methodology in the classroom. We are proud to be part of the Polish-American tradition and connection, bringing together the brightest minds in the East and West."

"My first love was always medicine - how the body actually works and learns. It was my multilingual heritage that inspired me to critically examine first the process of subsequent language acquisition, and then learning in general," says Dr. Janik. "I didn't plan to develop a new learning theory, but I finally tired of trying to justify the many current 'fashion' teaching methods, none of which (as parents and educators are constantly telling us) really work. Instead I decided to focus on how humans actually learn using their physical brain. My medical practice helping survivors recover psychologically from trauma, was key. Trauma is historically the most effective form of teaching and learning. I studied how survivors of trauma learned and relearned. The hard part was translating neurobiological learning (NL) theory into non-traumatic learning. What resulted was a surprise to everyone!"

Copies of the book have been acquired by major educational institutions throughout the world. Dr. Janik, an outspoken supporter of education in Hawaii, recently presented copies of his book to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu and the Hawaii State Legislative Library. His book is available at major institutional bookstores, on and directly from the publisher.

You can order directly from, using the link below, or by accessing and searching for "Janik Neurobiological." Available worldwide - shipped from USA - *FREE* shipping within USA!.


Check the Lincom Europa link below (some discounts may apply). To order, you need only send them an email with the name -" JANIK - A NEUROBIOLOGICAL THEORY" - along with the number of copies you want, a complete mailing address including postal code, and any discount codes applicable. They will send you an invoice to pay online or offline by credit card or check. Shipped from Germany.


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