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"Clean Water, Common Ground"

"Clean Water, Common Ground" (DVD, National Film Network) - A penetrating look at Hawaii's struggles to address water quality issues in "paradise," Clean Water, Common Ground contends that the responsibility of maintaining good conservation paractice is upon each one of us. We must recognize the dramatic role water has in shaping our environment, and how it affects different species of animals and fish in the ocean. If we address the chief threats to our environment and determine the measures needed to tacke those threats head-on, we may be able to preserve both water and land for many generations to come. But we must act now! (27-minute, made-for-TV documentary plus extra 27-minute studio discussion). WINNER OF TWO TELLY AWARDS [Silver Award for Wildlife/Nature Documentary and Bronze Award for Documentary).

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A1. Where is the World is Hawai'i

BEFORE viewing the feature, "Clean Water, Common Ground:"

1. draw a map of the world and show where you think the Hawaiian Islands should be. Why do you think it should be there?

2. Now ake a look at this map of the United States of America and find the Hawaiian Islands. How many islands can you find?

3. Now find the Island of Oahu. Did you find it? Good! Did you know that ALL of the Hawaiian Islands, together, make up the State of Hawaii, and each individual island is also a county. When your family wants to visit friends or family living in a neighboring county, you probably pack up the car and go for a short drive, but in Hawaii it would be a big deal: We have to travel by boat or airplane to visit friends in the next county!

4. Now find Oahu county (island). Oahu is often called the "Gathering Place" because that's where most people enter or leave the Hawaiian Islands. Now find Honolulu. OK, let's take a drive: First, get on H1 interstate highway and "drive" Northwest along the Southshore of the island. Can you believe that our "interstate" highways don't go from Hawaii to any other state? It's a sort of "local" joke!

5. About halfway across the state, turn right (North) onto H2 interstate highway and drive through the center of the island, past Wahiawa town, past Waialua town (did you catch that Wahiawa is a different town than Waialua even though they are almost, but not quite, spelled the same). Keep going to a place on the north shore where three rivers meet called Kaiaka Bay. It's located between Mokuleia and Haleiwa towns, next to Kaiaka Beach Park, the home of some of Hawaii's great surfing contests and a place where green sea turtles like to lay on the beach in the sun. Have you found it? Yes, Kaiaka Bay. Did you know that 'Wai" (like in Waialua) means "fresh water," and "Kai" means "salt water" in Hawaiian? Waikiki, the famous resort area in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, means "fresh water springing up from the ground." But back to Kaiaka Bay on the Northshore - this is where our story about "clean water, common ground" begins, because it's into Kaiaka Bay that most of Northshore Oahu's two main streams, the Kaukonahua and the Paukauila, empty.

6. Now's a good time to view the feature, "Clean Water, Common Ground." While watching it, think about the animals that live in the lakes, streams, rivers, bays of Hawaii. How do you think Hawaii's water quality will affect them?

7. Now that you've made it all the way to the Northshore of Oaha and taken a look at the water quality there, take another minute to look back at the first world map you drew. Driving from Honolulu to Kaiaka Bay takes about 45 minutes, driving at the Hawaii interstate highway speed limit - 55 miles per hour. So, how many miles across is Oahu? If you guessed about 40 miles, you're RIGHT! So is Oahu Island big or small?

8. Do you think of the state of Hawaii as being big or small? Many people say the Hawaiian Islands look like SEVEN tiny, almost invisible DOTS in the middle of the HUGE Pacific Ocean! It certainly can seem that way after flying for 5 or 6 hours across 2,500 miles of ocean from the nearest international airport to Honolulu. Actually, the Hawaiian Islands include over a hundred islands, scattered in a row over about 1600 miles of ocean; that makes Hawaii the BIGGEST STATE in the USA! Actually, the islands range from too small for a person to walk around on, to the biggest - the "Big Island" of Hawaii - which about 90 miles across and, because of it's volcano, still growing! Actually, the Hawaiian Islands are the tops of HUGE underwater mountains of a HUGE underwater mountain range. Interesting? Go to Leon and Malia's Keiki (Children's) Calabash of Activities or check out Hawaiian Islands trivia or